Beaver Video Clips and Photos: New Mexico State

Take a look from a different angle as Derek Anderson drops back to pass to Tim Euhus, the Aggies pick up some yards on a fake reverse, and the Beavers almost recover a fumble in the endzone. <br><br> Also, twenty-seven photos from Saturday's victory over New Mexico State
September 14, 2003

Post Spring Analysis: Specialists

The second tenure of Mike Riley brings a new, more committed attitude toward special teams play. Riley's focus was evident from the beginning of practice as the Beavers devoted at least 30-45 minutes each day to special teams tasks.
May 29, 2003

Post Spring Analysis: Safeties

The safety corps comprises a perfect blend of veteran leadership and experience with highly skilled freshman that can take the Beavers to another level.
May 21, 2003