Haywood's Natural Transition

Former Tar Heel is playing a prominent role in the NCAA Tournament's studio coverage
March 22, 2017

Mavs Piece-By-Piece: Kaman Vs. Haywood

Part of the Mavs' Plan B is to improve on last year's team. Piece-by-piece, they might just be doing so. What Are The Mavs Building? How does Collison compare to Kidd? How does Brand compare to Odom? And in this Part 1 of the series, how does this year's center Kaman compare to his counterpart from last year's team, Haywood? We use Synergy and The Eye Test to evaluate:
July 16, 2012

How Useful Is Mavs' Haywood 'Stretch'?

We get warm and fuzzy about Mavs contractual cleverness. But there are misunderstandings regarding the Brendan Haywood anmnesty option and ‘spread provision.' Can that provision help a Haywood-acquiring team with its cash flow? Yes. Does it make him more attractive in a trade or in terms of cap room? Premium Mavs fans get our CBA insight, Mark Cuban's answer to our questions, and the scoop:
June 9, 2012

Mavs Advance Scout: Rockets at Dallas

Kyle Leath, a long-time Mavs staffer, now scouts for the Denver Nuggets and prepares an NBA-style gameday report on Mavs opponents for DallasBasketball.com. Here, inside the Houston playbook and how to beat the Rockets, tonight's Mavs foe with a 7:30 tipoff at the AAC (and Fish's Mavs pregame show on 105.3 The Fan):
April 18, 2012

Practice All-Access: 'Wood & West Work

Big Wood and Delonte West so some work, Roddy B and Dirk engage in a 3-point shootout, Lamar addresses the boos and Rick compares Marion to Artest and Michael Cooper as an NBA Player of the Year candidate ... It's Monday's Practice All-Access:
March 26, 2012

Donuts: Mark Cuban Said WHAT to Bill Simmons?

Bill Simmons' podcast picked the brain of Mavs owner Mark Cuban at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. They talked sports analytics, the future of TV, the ‘3D Blueprint,' the Tyson decision and ‘The Rick Report.' We boil down the highlights of their discussion, and, and as DB.com has done better and longer than anyone – because we ‘Speak Cuban' – we analyze Mark's remarks in Donuts:
March 9, 2012

Exclusive: Mavs On Trix/Haywood Deadline Plan

To sound ‘cool' or ‘inside,' jockworld Woodward-Bernstein wanna-bes often misuse ‘sources.' Preferred is on-the-record and for attribution – which is exactly what DB.com has done with Mavs GM Donnie Nelson on Haywood and Marion's future and Dallas being deadline ‘buyers vs. sellers.' It's on-the-record and it's Inside Mavs HQ: ‘Our approach,' Donnie tells me, ‘is that it would be an insult ...
March 7, 2012

Mavs Quoteboard From Memphis

'It obviously sucks right now.' After Dirk said that Wednesday in the postgame locker room at Memphis, well, we could've just put down our tape recorders and notepads right there. But we've got a Quoteboard job to do and we're gonna do it, baby!
March 1, 2012