2004 Draft Prospect Interview: Dan Orner

So many people underestimate the need for a good placekicker. Each year the problem is magnified as teams ignore special teams and pay the price. As an example, the New England Patriots almost fell from grace when there kicker missed two field goals in the Super Bowl and they have a great kicker, Adam Vinatieri. So when the 2004 NFL draft rolls around, kickers will again be largely ignored, yet, they represent one third of the game.
April 4, 2004

Tigers down Tar Heels, 42-12

CHAPEL HILL -- Six opponents ventured Among the Pines this fall, and six opponents left Chapel Hill victorious. And for the North Carolina Tar Heels, it was a simple case of more of the same.
November 9, 2002

Deacons dominate Heels, 31-0

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Through the first seven games of North Carolina's football season, the Tar Heels had a tough time putting together two quality halves.
October 26, 2002