Current Gator Depth Chart

Five days and counting until kickoff at the Swamp against San Jose State. Take a look at the current Gator Depth Chart. This is the most recent version (last update on 8/24/2003). Of course the quarterback position is still unsettled.
August 25, 2003

Week In Review

<b>August 22</b> <ul> <li>An official announcement on the eligibility of UCF tight end Michael Gaines is due today. Gaines, highly ranked by NFL scouts and one of the best tight ends in the nation, must clear up a question arising from two classes he took this summer.
August 24, 2003

Scouting the SEC: Florida

An unusual campaign is coming up in Gainesville - a lot of questions with big holes in what are traditionally strong positions. A program that has put a lot of talent into the draft's first round may struggle to have a top 62 pick next April.
August 22, 2003

Scrimmage Observations

Florida's scrimmage on Wednesday night provided a glimpse of the past and a peek at the future. If big plays by the offense at a rapid pace is what you have missed from the Steve Spurrier era, then Chris Leak and company may be on there way to restoring it in the coming years. The scrimmage was dominated by some sensational individual performances and established Chris Leak as a quarterback to be reckoned with. Leak was very sharp from beginning to end and left many of us wanting more.
August 14, 2003

Monday's Practice Observations

Who are the starters right now on the OL, at wide receiver and at cornerback? Who is standing out at QB and who has been the surprise(s) at wide receiver? Find out these answers and more with today's practice observations.
August 11, 2003

Media Day Quotes

Here are a lot of Media Day quotes from Gator coaches and players from easlier today.
August 9, 2003