NFL Cougs make tracks from Mexico to Europe

IF YOU'RE DOWN MEXICO way and happen to turn on the television, pay attention to the Gatorade commercials. There's a new one out, running only south of the border, that stars former Cougar linebacker James Darling and his fellow Arizona Cardinals teammates Josh McCown and Rolando Cantu.
May 5, 2006

Smith's Next Big Chance

Linebacker Raonall Smith hasn't been a reliable linebacker for the Vikings because of injuries, but now it's an injury to Keith Newman that is expected to get Smith back in the starting lineup Sunday. See what LB E.J. Henderson had to say about the position.
December 17, 2005

Coaches Q&A, Part I: Bercich Talks Linebackers

Linebackers coach Pete Bercich talks about how the Vikings are using Keith Newman and the confidence and experience the second-tier linebackers are getting. Bercich's linebackers will have a big role against Atlanta.
September 27, 2005