What We Learned Against Tampa Bay

The Jaguars showed some improvement in their 24-23 loss against Tampa Bay Saturday night. There were some positive performances but the team is still trying to answer some questions by the end of the preseason.
August 24, 2009

Position Changes for Jaguars

The Jaguars have moved numerous players around this year trying to find the right combinations on offense and defense to make up for injuries and be successful. Find out what lineup we may expect for Sunday afternoon's tilt against the undefeated Titans.
November 12, 2008

Bernstein Blog- Defense

There was a lot of good and a certain amount of bad for the Jaguars defense in Sunday's 24-17 victory over the Denver Broncos. After reviewing the game on tape, I'm going to give some analysis.
October 14, 2008

JagNation Final Roster

It's the eve of the biggest roster trimming of the year. The players have had all their chances to impress Jack Del Rio and the rest of the Jaguars coaching staff, and it will likely be a sleepless night for a lot of young players and veterans alike. Here are JagNation's selections for the Jaguars 53-man roster based on what we've seen in preseason and what we've heard from inside sources.
August 29, 2008