Scout's Notebook: OG Seppo Evwaraye

The Vikings' practice squad this season will include OG Seppo Evwaraye, a native of Finland, who is part of the league's International Development Practice Squad program. Evwaraye started seven games at right guard for the Cologne Centurions of NFL Europa this summer, helping Offensive Co-MVP Derrick Ross lead the league in rushing. He is a legitimate NFL prospect. Here's a scouting report...
July 9, 2007

Press Conference Audio with Seppo Evwaraye

When the guy you are blocking slips your block and heads towards your quarterback, laying him out and actually making him cough up the ball, it's not the greatest feeling. When they are doing it over and over again, it's downright horrendous. That's how Seppo Evwaraye and company feel right now, because they konw what kind of damnage Zac Taylor took against Missouri. They are dedicated to making sure it doesn't happen again. Enjoy this edition of sound bytes.
October 25, 2005

You ask, They answer: OL, Seppo Evwaraye

If you've been a player at Nebraska for three years or more, you've seen it all. Coaching changes, offensive changes and more changes after that. And that's not including everything else that changes with players coming in and leaving. But, like the senior to be that is he, he's handled it and is just moving on as always. He's our next player in "You ask, they answer", where YOU get to ask the questions this time around and THEY answer them. So, enjoy.
August 19, 2005

VIDEO: 1 on 1 with Seppo Evwaraye

The position move doesn't seem like a big deal; right to left tackle. Try telling that to the lineman that actually has to do it. A lot has changed for Evwaraye, but most of it good, possibly even the addition of a few pounds. Seppo talked about that, his change and the challenges, plus a little about the future of this line and what they had to do to get better. Enjoy this edition of VIDEO BYTES.
March 24, 2005

In the "NU"ws

As preparations continue for this Saturday's game against Missouri, injuries seem to be the theme. With so many players questionable, NU's status on defense especially. Today, Frank Solich addressed the media about those issues along with the rest of preparations for the Tigers.
October 10, 2002