Wednesday Practice Report

As practice continues, certain things are bound to happen, you only hope they are minimal and don't end up affecting the team. That of course are the bumps and bruises that come with the sport of football. NU has not been immune to those as anyone wouldn't be, but yesterday, the Big Red experienced a setback and for this person in particular, it's just another of many that have almost been symbolic of their entire career with the Huskers.
August 14, 2003

The New Nebraska - A perspective

When you are going into your 6th year with a program, you've about seen and heard it all and when someone wants a perspective on things from the recent past, you are "the" guy. That makes DeAntae Grixby the perfect candidate. When he came in, Tom Osborne was on his way out and in just five short years, he sees the replacing of almost an entire staff. All that is just some of what he's seen and puts a different light on what he expects to see as he goes into his final year with NU.
July 8, 2003