Grading the Draft: Houston Texans

David Carr, Andre Johnson, Domanick Davis, Jason Babin and Dunta Robinson. The list of first round players selected by the Texans over their short tenure has been impressive. A general manager known for cutting deals, Charlie Casserly surprised few people with his pre draft trade for Phillip Buchanan, as many felt it was a lopsided deal against Houston. With a lingering hole at offensive tackle the Texans appeared poised to fill their final need in hopes of making their first playoff run.
May 17, 2005

Brown Not Anxious

On the field, former WVU offensive lineman Tim Brown, is a tough, edgy performer who will do anything to get the job down. As he awaits his first professional mini-camp with the Houston Texans this weekend, however, the rough-and-tumble Brown isn't exactly on pins and needles.
April 27, 2005

All Brown Wants Is Another Chance

Tim Brown sat and watched.
September 29, 2003