Dawgman.com Football 105: 50-41

With fall camp just a day away and the summer nearly gone, Dawgman.com has something to unveil that we've been working on the last couple of months. It's the Dawgman 105, a comprehensive list of who we have picked as the greatest Washington football players and coaches of all time.
August 4, 2012

Washington vs USC By-the-Numbers

There was only a 64 percent chance last week of a Husky victory, according to our own Professor Thrapp. Now that the Dawgs hit the road for the first time in over a month, the odds have swung dramatically. The probably of a Washington win this Saturday at USC? Well...
October 16, 2004

Washington vs Arizona By-the-Numbers

Well, Husky fans now know why the computer was hedging its bet just a little bit this weekend. So does it come as a surprise that Professor Thrapp has tweaked the system just a little bit more for this Saturday's Arizona-Washington matchup?
October 9, 2004