Past Due

Florida State defensive end <b>Charles Howard</b> has plenty to be excited about these days. For starters, his son <b>Dominic Howard</b> celebrated his third birthday on Wednesday. Howard also is a semester shy of becoming the first person in his family to earn a collegiate degree. And, to top it off, Howard is determined to help the Seminoles accomplish their goal of winning a national championship. Click here for an update.
July 23, 2004

Camp Profile

There are days when <b>Charles Howard</b> admits he doesn't know if he's coming or going. Such is the double-duty life. Howard, a junior from Union County, is enjoying a solid preseason for the Florida State Seminoles. He entered camp behind <b>Darnell Dockett</b> at defensive tackle and in the mix at defensive end as well. "I feel privileged to be part of this defensive core. Not just the line. Everybody. We have so many athletes and talent, it's unreal," Howard said.
August 19, 2003