In-Box: What Camp Reveals

Now we're getting somewhere. With camp starting and some contact starting up, we can get a better sense of where the Cleveland Browns are in their development. Lane answers recent questions from fans, including the steps he would take if he were Phil Savage, and how to interpret Andra Davis' tackle numbers...
July 27, 2008

Numbers Don't Lie: Andra Davis

You hear it all over: Andra Davis makes a lot of tackles, but they're all downfield. We asked our friends at about this, and Doug Farrar come back with an in-depth analysis of statistics for Browns inside linebackers Andra Davis, Leon Williams, and D'Qwell Jackson. The numbers may surprise...
July 12, 2008

Linebackers: How 2008 Will be Different

While the Browns didn't make over the roster at the linebacker position, subtle changes are already at work. Lane Adkins looks at some of the untold factors in the defensive struggles last season, and talks about why the 2008 campaign may be very, very different...
June 4, 2008

Tales from the In-Box: Linebacker Edition

Lane cruises over to check on the linebackers and offers his assessment of the team's next moves. Get the latest scoop about rumors which persist about the Cleveland Browns continuing interest in front seven help.
April 4, 2008

Adkins: What We've Been Told

Deal or no deal? That's been the question as the Browns consider a parade of free agents. Lane Adkins gets to the bottom of why some free agents signed elsewhere, why contracts have been tweaked, and who remains interested in coming to Cleveland...
March 17, 2008