One-on-One with the Huskers

If you want to talk about adversity when it comes to playing college football, talk to Greg Austin, because he's got some stories to tell. Twice this year he's left the stadium on crutches. But as always, he is back at it, because this is his time, his last time for the big red. And he plans on enjoying every minute.
November 29, 2006

Greg Austin happy with first game of the year

If there is someone outside of Dennis Wagner, who knows when this offensive line is clicking, it's senior lineman Greg Austin. He knows when it's working and he knows when it needs to be fixed. After Nebraska romped on Louisiana Tech, giving up no sacks in an almost 600 yard performance, Austin would say they are off to a pretty good start.
September 2, 2006

Press Conference Video: Greg Austin

You don't have to tell Greg Austin about exciting moments or moments that tested your resolve throughout a season. He's seen them all. It's hard to believe that Austin is just a junior, because it seems like he came with the place, but that's onloy because the place has become so farmiliar to him. He's the unquestioned leader of that offensive line and a guy who knows a little about overcoming adversity. He in particular is enjoying the good this year has had to offer.
October 18, 2005

Feeling no pain, Greg Austin ready for season

He hobbles a bit when he hasn't been walking much that day or spending his time on the exercise bike, a tradition now for the junior Husker. A slight limp, noticeable, but from our vantage point, you can't even get a measure of what his day-to-day test in tolerance is. Give up? Do something else? Maybe for others, but not for him. Greg Austin doesn't even know what that means.
March 19, 2005

VIDEO BYTES with, OG, Greg Austin

It's been over a year since Greg Austin put the pads on for "real". A knee injury has kept the guard all but silent and rehabbing with the hopes in coming back. He did that this Fall and while Austin is not even close to where he used to be, he's happy to be on the road back. Austin could be a major cog in the offensive line once he's healthy. And, as you might guess, nobody wants that more than him. Check our our latest edition of Video Bytes as Austin talks about being back.
August 11, 2004