Reyes signing shows Mets in desperation mode

The Amazin's offense is searching for answers and they're hoping to rekindle the magic from José Reyes' first stint in Queens.
June 29, 2016

Giants swap Alfonzo for Finley

Well, with the Dodgers out signing a bunch of ex-Giants, including pitcher Brett Tomko, it's only fitting for the Giants to acquire an ex-Dodger.
December 21, 2005

Rewind: Marlins at Giants, Game 3

Tepid hitting and poor starting pitching point to second series loss in a row for the Giants
July 25, 2005

Meet The Giants - Edgardo Alfonzo

Edgardo Alfonzo, considered by many to be the 'replacement' for Jeff Kent in 2002, has suffered slow starts in each of the past two years. This year, he's slimmed down, faster on the basepaths and with his glove, and is looking to have nothing 'slow' happening in 2005.
March 9, 2005

Rewind: Giants vs Expos, Game #1

After winning the series against the Chicago Cubs, the San Franciscio Giants hoped to keep some momentum going into their next series versus the Expos. The Giants make their first appearance in Puerto Rico, sending Brett Tomko to the mound to face former Giants, Livan Hernandez.
May 22, 2004

Rewind: Marlins vs Giants, Game #2

You might have expected, with Brad Penny and Sidney Ponson starting, that today's game would have been as low scoring as the day before's. Fact is, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. In one of the Giants' sloppiest games of the year, the Marlins tied up the series at one apiece.
October 1, 2003

Rewind: Marlins vs Giants, Game #1

And so it begins. The regular season is over and the postseason has begun. The Giants faced the Florida Marlins today and sent their ace, Jason Schmidt to the mound to start off the postseason.
September 30, 2003