Scouting the Big 12: Nebraska

Last season was a very tough and unusual year for the Cornhuskers and their fans as for the first time in a while the team made only a minor bowl appearance. The program had just four players selected in last April's draft with only a single prospect chosen during the first day. Unfortunately, 2004 does not look much better.
August 14, 2003

Jason Lohr: Trying to come back..........again

You think you've seen it all? As a fan looking from the outside, regardless of how many years you have followed the program, what you have seen in decades probably still doesn't compare to what Jason Lohr has seen in his career as a Husker, a career that is spanning now six years. That's a lot of experience and for Jason, a lot of frustration as well. He's hoping to use the former to help him get past the latter this year as he tries to finish his Husker days off in style.
August 13, 2003

In the "NU"ws

As preparations continue for this Saturday's game against Missouri, injuries seem to be the theme. With so many players questionable, NU's status on defense especially. Today, Frank Solich addressed the media about those issues along with the rest of preparations for the Tigers.
October 10, 2002