Lord Offers Plenty of Upside, Versatility

Safety Jammal Lord should be one of the young NFL free agents who gets snatched up quickly in the coming days. The former Nebraska quarterback who is now an NFL safety can contribute on either side of the ball for a team looking to bolster their talent and depth chart this season.
August 28, 2006

Colt Scout: New Safety Jammal Lord

Jerry Langton shares his insight on former Houston safety Jammal Lord, who joined the team late last week. Find out where he fits and what he brings to the team as Indianapolis continues to tweak the roster for 2006.
August 9, 2006

Will Big Red show up for Alamo Bowl?

Which Nebraska team will show up to face the Michigan State Spartans in the December 29th Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas? Will it be a fired up squad anxious to win their 10th game, or will it be an indifferent team wanting to get a controversial season over with?
December 10, 2003

Jammal Lord: He does what he was recruited to do

A year in the making, the return of Jammal Lord as starting QB brought both angst and anticipation. Could Lord better his performance of last year, but more than anything, could he pass the ball? Everyone has always known that Lord could run, but his passing prowess has always been under much scrutiny. After looking at last year though and the first two games this year, it's pretty clear that Lord isn't and will not be a consistent passing threat. My problem is, why did anyone think he would?
September 7, 2003

Two-a-Days Gallery

First day of "Two-a-days"
August 11, 2003