VIDEO BYTES - WR, Ross Pilkington

Only a couple of more days to go and Ross Pilkington could be living a dream he probably never had when he first arrived at NU. And, instead of being known as that blocker that also catches balls, he'll be that receiver that blocks like a fullback. Throughout training camp, there was no question about Ross being number one. Now, he's just waiting to show the fans why. Enjoy this edition of video bytes.
September 1, 2004

SOUND BYTES with WR, Ross Pilkington

He's not a "Ra-Ra" guy as any of his fellow teammates will tell you. He doesn't get up, yell a lot and say "follow me to victory!". No, nothing so grandiose would describe Ross Pilkington's propensity at making speeches. Instead, he just gets it done. On or off the field, Pilkington's ability and maturity have lead the charge in making him an asset for NU. Now, Ross becomes a captain of the football team. Ross talked about that in this edition of sound bytes.
August 22, 2004

Video Bytes w/ Ross Pilkington

The West Coast offense brings angst and joy to all those that play that side of the ball. Angst in learning it, but oh the joy once everyone has the system down. When that happens, receivers are beaming with pride looking at their catches go from 10 on the year to potentially that many in a game. It's a grand new world for wideouts at NU and Ross Pilkington is smiling all the way. Check out our Q & A with "Pilk" in our latest edition of Video Bytes.
August 9, 2004

Veteran Receivers Creating Opportunities

We're 11 days away from the season opener against UNI and there are some pretty big question marks about the "skill positions" on Iowa State's offense.
August 19, 2003

Far from Perfect! !

With great anticipation the spring practice session for the Cornhusker football team came to an end on Saturday with the annual Red-White spring game. The scrimmage was well attended with over 33,000 braving the elements to see the new look Nebraska Cornhuskers. What did they see? From early reports they saw 33,000 different things.
April 20, 2003