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November 3, 2010

Player of the Year: Triple-A Tucson

Stephen Drew, Miguel Montero, Chris Young, Edgar and Enrique Gonzalez, Tony Pena, Doug Slaten...all players who spent time in Triple-A Tucson, but ended the season in Phoenix. Another eight players splite time between the bigs and Tucson. Who were the Player's of the Year in Tucson? As usual, Keith and James disagree.
September 22, 2006

The Next Round of Callups

Three up, but how many left to go? The Diamondbacks are sure to make a second round of September callups once the Tucson Sidewinders finish their PCL playoff run. As to who the callups will be, some players are more likely candidates than others.
September 1, 2006

The U Files # 45: Rotational Dynamics

As recently as 2000, the Mets won 94 games on the strength of their pitching staff. Since then, mismanagement has eroded all aspects of the Mets game. The biggest weakness of the 95-game losing 2003 Mets was the offense, however the team was below average in the area of run prevention as well. Some of this can be traced to below average fielding. Some can be traced to the fact that the Mets featured the worst fifth starter in the league.
November 4, 2003

M's sweep Sunday NY double-header

The Mariners showed no ill-effects from their loss Friday or the rained out game Saturday, and blasted the Mets in both games in Sunday's double-header. The two wins improved their record to 41-19, and capped an 11-1 road trip. Coupled by a Philadelphia sweep of Oakland Sunday, Seattle now holds an eight-game lead in the American League West.
June 8, 2003

Hat Trick: Mets Get Swept in Third Double Header

The Mets were swept in a doubleheader for the third time this season and the second time in the past four games, as they lost to the Seattle Mariners in the second game of their doubleheader by the score of 7-0.
June 8, 2003

M's and Mets rained out, rescheduled for Sunday

The weather was so bad in New York that the game was called two hours before the scheduled first pitch. In the double-header scheduled for Sunday, Seattle will send Freddy Garcia to the mound in game one and Jamie Moyer out there in the night-cap.
June 7, 2003