The Real Impact Of Moving Smith To Denver

The Patriots sent defensive lineman Le Kevin Smith packing to the Rockies for a Draft pick. Can the trade come back to bite them or is it a win-win for the team? What does Josh McDaniels think of dealing with Belichick? We take a look at this recent deal with Denver and the impact it will have.
August 27, 2009

Patriots Rookie Minicamp Breakdown: Defense

We continue taking a closer look at the 2008 Rookie class. In this segment we review the defensive players participating in this weekend's rookie minicamp and how they might fit into the roster with the players ahead of them.
May 4, 2008

Postgame: Buccaneers Down Patriots 13 - 10

Preseason is barely more than a scrimmage in reality, so why are fans asked to fork over full price when starters barely play 25% of the game? The Buccaneers backups knocked off the Patriots backups in both teams' preseason opener at Tampa. As expected, Brady and crew headed to the sidelines early.
August 11, 2007