Far from Perfect! !

With great anticipation the spring practice session for the Cornhusker football team came to an end on Saturday with the annual Red-White spring game. The scrimmage was well attended with over 33,000 braving the elements to see the new look Nebraska Cornhuskers. What did they see? From early reports they saw 33,000 different things.
April 20, 2003

Meet Mr. "CrunkJuice"...........again

It was the California/Florida game and there he was. Standing on a bench, dancing and weaving his hips about. He was just having fun, but that was CRUNKJUICE, a name that (for him) was synonymous with how he lived and how he played the game. The silence of Crunk hasn't been welcome to him over the last few years, but that silence is about to be broken. This season isn't a resurrection though, so much as it's a re-birth, a flame re-lit and you, you can just call him "Crunk".
March 12, 2003