A Look at Offensive Line Play

Most Irish fans never had the opportunity to play college football. The vast majority certainly never had the size and strength to play offensive line for a DI football team. It should come as no surprise that most people don't understand the intricacies of offensive line play. We thought we'd try to delve into the position with a little help from a friend.
July 13, 2005

Milligan Says He'll be Ready

Starting right guard Sean Milligan has battled injuries most of the last two seasons. Milligan has fought through the pain and continued to play. He is currently fighting through a back injury but Milligan continues to prove the skeptics wrong and says he'll be ready when the Irish kick off the season against Washington State this Saturday.
September 2, 2003

Milligan Says He'll be Ready

Sean Milligan has had a long and productive career at Notre Dame. He has started 17 games for the Irish and is the only returning starter from the 2002 squad. Milligan has battled injuries throughout his career and is currently nursing a back injury that has cast some doubt as to whether he can play this year. Irish Eyes caught up with Milligan to find out the latest on his condition.
August 13, 2003

Milligan Leads Offensive Line

<P>The talk of the spring has centered on the offensive line. If the Irish hope to have any success on offense this year, the offensive line will have to improve. The Irish will be replacing four starters and one player they will absolutely count on is Sean Milligan. Milligan is the lone returning starter but he feels confidence in the young guys that will be going to war with him. </P>
April 13, 2003

Offensive struggles

<P>The offense (or lack there of) has been a hot topic on message boards lately. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what appears to be the problem with the Irish offense. I want to take a look at a few key areas of concern and hopefully I can shed a little light on the situation. </P>
October 16, 2002