Re-sign or release? Ben Taylor's Todd Korth continues his 'Re-sign or Re-lease' series by taking a closer look at Ben Taylor, who is soon scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. Korth explains why the Packers can do without the injury-prone linebacker.
January 29, 2007

Player Status Update

A mid-February update on free agents and injured players...
February 19, 2006

Lane: Looking at the Linebackers

Lane Adkins offers his pre-season assessment of the Browns linebacking corps. What does our fearless analyst and insider think of the new group that Romeo Crennel has assembled. Answers within...
September 5, 2005

Owl: Getting Technical

The Browns are quickly making a series of technical changes to their run defense after watching the Giants run through their first-team unit. He's what the Browns - especially linebacker Ben Taylor - are worried about as they get ready for the Lions. Analysis for football lunatics you won't find anywhere else!!
August 19, 2005