Horace Willis Stats

A look at the cornerback's career stats.
January 11, 2004

Special Teams in Flux

Rusty Tillman has promised changes on the Vikings lackluster special teams, but how many changes will there end up being?
August 6, 2003

Rookie Free Agents To Begin Battle

When the Vikings begin their official minicamp on Friday, it will be the first look at the full squad, including a dozen rookie free agents signed right after the draft. Less than half of them will make the 53-man roster, but here is a capsule look at the longshot newcomers.
May 6, 2003

Vikings Regroup After "The Gaffe"

The Vikings are still feeling the sting of the national media, who have likened Mike Tice, Scott Studwell and Rob Brzezinski as Minnesota's own version of the Three Stooges. However, the truth about this year and last year lies somewhere in between idiocy and innocence.
April 29, 2003