Winding Down

The Florida State Seminoles are winding down preparations for Thursday's Orange Bowl against Miami. The Seminoles also have enjoyed their free time, with scheduled stops at the beach, local restaurants and nightly treks to South Beach. One of the best stories of the week involves All-American offensive lineman <b>Alex Barron.</b> Click here for the details.
December 29, 2003

Fire In The Hole

Last week's menu featured chicken, shrimp, deer and pork chops. Today was hamburger Thursday -- cheese, pickles and lettuce were optional. There was cake for dessert. Next week, well, some good buddies from Georgia just might drag their monster-sized smoker into Tallahassee -- and pity the poor hog that ends up on the grill.
October 16, 2003

Chatting With Brian

No. 10 FSU survived a home thriller versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Senior team captain <b>Brian Sawyer </b> chatted with TheTerritory about the Seminoles' effort, focusing on the team's poise. There has been chatter about how last year's FSU team might not have won that game. Why is that? Sawyer shares his thoughts on the subject as well as FSU's decision not to attempt a field goal in the game's waning minutes. Click here for all the details as FSU now turns its attention to Colorado.
September 16, 2003

Chatting With Brian

Florida State is off to a solid start this season. Fresh off Atlantic Coast Conference victories over North Carolina and Maryland, the undefeated 'Noles now turn their attention to league rival Georgia Tech. Of course, FSU wants to continue to build on its come-from-behind victory over the Terps. <b>Brian Sawyer </b> talks to TheTerritory about the game, starting with Greg Jones' emotional pregame speech to the van drive from Thomasville, Ga., to hanging out with his parents on Parents Weekend.
September 8, 2003

Chatting With Brian

Florida State made easy work of North Carolina last Saturday. While the Seminoles' effort has been examined and discussed, click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the game, from Darnell Dockett's speech at the Seminoles' team dinner Friday night to coach Bobby Bowden's pregame speech to all the excitement on the sidelines. Of course, Greg Jones' hit on UNC safety Dexter Reid was a huge topic of discussion. "It was more like everybody in the nation was talking about that," Brian Sawyer said.
September 1, 2003

Chatting With Brian

<b>Brian Sawyer</b> is one of three Florida State team captains, a member of the program's Unity Council and a four-year deep snapper. Better yet, Saywer, who has executed 413 consecutive successful snaps during the past three seasons, is an easy-smiling student-athlete who is one of the team's more personable players. Sawyer talked to TheTerritory about the Seminoles' progress this preseason as they continue preparations for their season-opener Saturday at North Carolina.
August 25, 2003

Helping Hand

FSU's offensive line remains the team's biggest question mark heading into practice next week. Suddenly, center has emerged as the biggest concern. Well, help could be on the way. Long snapper Brian Sawyer has been asked to learn the center position. Ironically, Brian's father, Bill, also was a long snapper and center for the Seminoles from 1974-76. How does Brian feel about the move? "I am so jacked," Sawyer told TheTerritory Monday. "I am ready. Finally, I get a playbook (laughing)."
July 28, 2003