Positive Vibes

<b>Brett Williams</b> has noticed difference in approach by simply watching Florida State on television. He senses an attitude change from the Seminoles, who have clinched their first 10-win season in two years and have an opportunity to climb in the polls with an Orange Bowl victory over state rival Miami. In fact, Williams -- as he said following his senior season with the Seminoles in 2002 -- believes the program is again poised to rejoin the nation's elite.
December 16, 2003

Grading the Draft: Kansas City

The Chiefs eyed their man all along as Jerome McDougle was the player they coveted to improve the defense…that was until the Eagles moved up and grabbed him. Then it was onto " plan B" which shocked everyone.
July 16, 2003

Familiar Face

Brett Williams showed to condition with his former Florida State teammates Wednesday as he continues his preparation for the start of Kansas City's training camp. Williams also shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects, from the role Chris Rix must play this year to the Seminoles' young offensive line to the chatter that last year's team lacked chemistry and leadership. "All the seniors tried to be leaders but it seemed like every time we turned around something bad was happening," he said.
July 9, 2003

Again, Steelers will be playing wait-and-see

At times the draft can be an adventure with the Steelers as quite often they do the unexpected; sometimes it works out while in other situations they are not so lucky. You can't knock their success since the team is competitive on a yearly basis. So how will the draft play out for Pittsburgh next weekend?
April 21, 2003

Offensive Tackle Review

Finding a quality right tackle has been one of the off-season's biggest priorities. Former starter Chris Terry was dismissed from the team midseason due to off the field issues. He has since resurfaced in Seattle and was signed to a new contract by the team. His replacement, Melvin Tuten, played acceptably at times but the team would be more comfortable with him as a reserve player.
April 15, 2003

Positional Analysis: OTs

While there might be only three offensive tackles taken in the first round, a number of those remaining for rounds two through seven could be moved inside to guard. That could mean the Vikings would be looking in this crop of 16 for a developing interior lineman.
April 14, 2003

2003 Draft Value Board

Getting closer to the draft, here is our value board for all seven rounds. Extra players have been added in the middle and late rounds in anticipation of compensatory selections, as well as two/three fence prospects in the early frames. We have a total of 263 players on our board, 261 were selected in the 2002 draft.
April 10, 2003