Washington vs California By-the-Numbers

Well, with the non-conference schedule behind them, the Washington Huskies open up league play this weekend as they host the Golden Bears of Cal. How does Dr. Thrapp and his number-crunching machine predict the outcome of Saturday's supposed slobberknocker? Well, they aren't as confident as last week, that's for sure.
October 3, 2004

T's Cal Football Preview – 2003 - Defense

<p class=txt>Coach Jeff Tedford and defensive coordinator Bob Gregory welcomed one of the Bears' deepest recruiting classes in recent memory in 2003, with the focus being on defensive talent and athleticism at all positions. But while Cal fans wait for a return to the defensive dominance of the late nineties "Hit Squad" teams, the current state of the Bear defense is nothing if not in flux.
August 27, 2003

T's Cal Football Preview – 2003 - Introduction

<p class=txt><font size="2"><b>"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and a good thing never dies."<br> -- The Shawshank Redemption"</b><br> </font><br> <br> What is This?<br> Introduction<br> <br> Fellow Cal fans –<br> <br> It's been a long beautiful summer full of warm sun and arctic bay area fog, weddings and fireworks, road trips and street fairs, barbeques, hiking, and gut-wrenching 6-2 baseball games between the Devil Rays and Orioles.
August 25, 2003

Rookie NFL Bears Report

<p class=txt>[Note from the CyberBear Insider: Thank you momobear for sharing your views on our new NFL Rookies]
August 23, 2003

Tedford's Magical Formula: Six Steps to Success!

<p class=txt> The rationale for the media evaluating Cal to finish so poorly this season is based upon logical interpretation of statistics. The reason that Cal was 7-5 in 2002 was the Bears uncanny execution of a specific formula of six "offbeat" stats.
August 21, 2003

In-Depth Practice Update

Battle of the Week, Player of the Week, Rookie Report, Injury Update and much more in-depth information inside, directly from Allen Park and the Lions' practice facilities. Includes: Update on cornerback position, Mike McMahon, the highly-publicized tight end battle and much more.
August 18, 2003