OBR Daily News & World Report: 9/9

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September 9, 2006

Browns Say Bring It On

Browns players, such as Willie McGinest (pictured), are confident and anxious to get onto the field of play this weekend, as the opening of the regular season beckons. Plus news on Hank Fraley and a brief, quiet wave goodbye to William Green.
September 8, 2006

Browns Still Look to Deal RB

Want a running back? Lee Suggs or William Green are still available if the Price is Right (applause). Now here's your host, Phil Savage!
August 21, 2006

Door Open for Green, Harrison

A veteran and a rookie benefit from the Browns easing the logjam in the backfield...
August 14, 2006

Exclusive: Rings About the Running Back

It has been assumed for a while that the Cleveland Browns might deal a running back during this pre-season. Then again, there is that situation in Colorado to worry about. There has been little heard about actually IS happening behind the scenes, however. John Taylor starts to put an end to that today, exclusively on the OBR...
August 4, 2006

Camp Report: Backup RB Job Wide Open

Although Reuben Droughns locked up the top spot with his 2005 performance, not even Lee Suggs (pictured) can be sure of a job in 2006. The head coach says the job is wide open. That, and more news from Wednesday's training camp session...
August 2, 2006

Let the Battles Begin: Running Backs

With or without the troubles circling Reuben Droughns, the Browns competition at running back during the pre-season would be intriguing. Greg Hensley takes a look at the battles which will take place starting this weekend...
June 14, 2006