The Smack-10…who's gonna win, with a twist!

Ah, Rivalry Week. The glorious time of year when your team is elevated to god-like status, your rival is the Anti-Christ and the trash talk flows in biblical proportions. Regardless of how many games your alma mater has won or lost, the records go right out the window. It's for the right to live in your state and gives you 365 days of nectar-sweet bragging rights.
November 21, 2003

2003 Football: A New Beginning for the Ducks.

In 2001, Oregon football was on top of the world as far as Duck fans were concerned. Oregon finished their best season ever with a win over Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl and a No. 2 national ranking. Everywhere one looked there was talk that the Ducks had finally reached the status of a football power. Heading into last season, hopes soared as the Ducks were on the receiving end of national respect. At one point in September, Oregon found itself ranked No. 9 nationally. Then the bottom fell out.
August 26, 2003

Pac-10 Preview and Predictions

With preseason training camps in full gear up and down the Left Coast, we're starting to get a good feel for who has what in the Pac-10. But if your head is spinning from our daily practice reports, with all the depth charts and freshmen to track, then you have no time to give ample attention to the rest of the conference. Never fear, Captain Clardy is here to run down all you need to know for the Pac-10 2003 season, from #10 up to #1.
August 19, 2003

2003 Pac-10 Preview, I

IT WENT like this: The Senior Editor asked if I wanted to pen the annual Pac-10 preview. I leapt at the chance… pretty sure I heard him laughing. After realizing what this assignment entails, I understood why. But I also had a plan.
August 19, 2003

2003 Pac-10 All-Conference Team

NINE WASHINGTON STATE players were selected to the annual CF.C Preseason Pac-10 All-Conference team today. The "Dream Team" contains 52 of the Pac-10's finest and is divided into two teams.
July 29, 2003

Pre-Season All-Pac-10 Team

It is still a month and a half until the college footbal season kicks off, but it is not too early to take a look at the upcoming season. The Cat Tracks staff makes their predictions on who the best in the Pac-10 will be.
July 16, 2003