By 'Chance', Will NFL Consider 'Mock'?

Senior quarterback Chance Mock could have started at virtually any Division-I program in the country. Instead, the former high school All-American from the Houston area spent the better part of the past two seasons on the bench watching the <I>other</I> former high school All-American from the Houston area directing the Longhorns to another January bowl game.
January 11, 2005

Young Guns 2-What Does Sequel Season Hold For QBs?

Sophomore QB <B>Vince Young </B>is so talented that he is best described as "a freak of nature", according to RB <B>Cedric Benson</B>. But how freaked out should Orangebloods continue to be about Young's accuracy in his passing game?
August 2, 2004

Three for Three: Chance Mock Stayin' Put

<B>Mack Brown</B> and staff secured a clean sweep over the last five days with announcements from all three potential junior defectors that they intend to remain on the Forty Acres for their senior seasons. <B>Derrick Johnson</B> announced last Thursday, and the final word came Tuesday afternoon at Bellmont when, moments after <B>Cedric Benson</B> wrapped up comments about his decision to stay in school, a UT spokesman gave the word that <B>Chance Mock</B> also planned to return.
January 13, 2004

Vince Young Advises Mock About Possible Transfer

Some time last week, junior QB <B>Chance Mock </B>asked starting QB <B>Vince Young </B>if he thought he could handle the team should the junior transfer from Texas following the Dec. 30 Holiday Bowl. This is what Young said to Mock:
December 17, 2003

No 'Chance'? Mock, Coaches To Decide Future At UT

Former starting QB <B>Chance Mock</B> will meet with Texas coaches some time next month to determine the junior's future with the Longhorn program, offensive coordinator <B>Greg Davis</B> said Tuesday.
November 25, 2003

Mock: 'Felt Like I Actually Earned My Scholarship'

Nearly four years after QB <B>Chance Mock</B> signed with Texas, the junior believes he finally earned his scholarship Saturday when he orchestrated the game-winning (and season-saving) TD drive against Texas Tech. With the Horns facing an open weekend, all the buzz following Tuesday&#146;s practice still focused on Mock&#146;s last minute heroics in that riveting 43-40 win over the Red Raiders.
November 18, 2003