A Quiet Leader

Quick, name the fastest player on the USC roster. I'll give you a hint: he can play multiple positions, and his last name starts with a "B." If you said Reggie Bush, you're close. He's the second fastest Trojan. Meet William Buchanon, the wide receiver turned cornerback…turned wide receiver. But you would never know just how quick he is; Buchanon isn't one to tout his own accomplishments.
December 26, 2005

Fall Camp update - Offense

Now that the Trojans have completed a pair of fall camp scrimmages we're starting to get a better sense of what this USC team will look like in 2004. Click below for a look at the offense:
August 15, 2004

2004 USC preview: Offense

We're going to be good on offense, there's no real question about that, the only question is how good will we be? Look for Chow to be patient as the line develops, lots of quick throws from Leinart, and once the offense hits their stride during the season it should be an exciting show for Trojan fans to watch.
August 2, 2004

Spring Ball Day 9

There was some early rainshowers at the start of practice but then the skies cleared and it was a high energy day as the Trojans worked on a lot of special teams and situation offense, including the two minute drill.
April 1, 2004

2003 USC preview: Defensive backs

It says something when the secondary loses three players to the NFL and yet has a chance to improve this season. With Pete Carroll in charge the Trojan defensive backfield is always going to be in good shape and this year we should start to see a bigger and more aggressive unit that will be plenty deep if we can stay injury free. Of course, we saw over the past few years with injuries that a team can't have too many DB's and it's a benefit that we've got a lot of guys who can flat out play.
July 13, 2003