Payton Admits Leadership Void

Following the first back-to-back losing seasons in Sean Payton's career, the Super Bowl winning coach has recently been more transparent with the media than at any other time during his decade in New Orleans. And a good example of that occurred yesterday when Payton admitted the severe lack of leadership on the field, and in the locker room, following the exodus of veterans Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper among others. Here's Payton's take on the situation.
June 11, 2016

New Orleans Weeps for Will Smith

Much like the rest this week in New Orleans, Friday was an extremely tough day for many of the Crescent City's mourning residents. Not only was former player, scout, broadcaster, and Saints folk hero, Hokie Gajan laid to rest across the lake today, Will Smith's memorial service was also held at the New Orleans Saints practice facility this afternoon. It was wonderful to see the warmth and love throughout the emotional are my thoughts and observations of the event.
April 15, 2016

Will Smith & Hokie Gajan Tribute Show

The 9th episode of "Prime Time Sports with Scott Alexander" was a full on tribute to Saints legends Will Smith & Hokie Gajan. Former teammates Scott Shanle & Skyler Green talk about the man Smith was and local media sports anchors Lyons Yellin tell great Hokie Gajan stories as well. Mix some NFL Draft talk, another tribute featuring former Green Wave great Steve Foley with a Jordan Speith Masters collapse and the Warriors magical season, and this is a well-rounded show!
April 14, 2016

Drew Brees Speaks Out Against Violence

After Sean Payton's significant backlash from the country's ardent protectors of the Constitution's 2nd Amendment, Saints quarterback Drew Brees decided to take a different angle when talking about the violence in the Crescent City, and America in general. Brees, who was equally as passionate as his head coach in the wake of former teammate Will Smith's death, decided to take aim at the root of the problem instead of the weapons themselves. And for the rest of the story....
April 13, 2016

I Hate Guns: Sean Payton Backlash

Following the violent death of his former player and friend, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton had a passionate plea for his adopted city. Although the basic message conveyed by Payton in his now-famous USA TODAY article was, "PLEASE STOP THE VIOLENCE", the only thing remembered by most 2nd Amendment protectors was "I HATE GUNS." Here's my (hopefully) impartial take on the entire situation...
April 12, 2016

My Tribute to Will Smith

Sports fans in the city of New Orleans woke up to the horrific news that one of its own was tragically killed last night. Murder in the Crescent City hardly creates a blip on the news radar these days; however, when it's former Pro Bowl New Orleans Saint Will Smith, it became the only news in town. But Smith was so much more than just a great football player, the decade-long Saints defensive lineman was also a community leader and family man. Here is my tribute to the great Will Smith.
April 10, 2016

Cowboys 1st & 10: Hardy, L.A., and Crawford

In this week's edition of First and 10, Greg Hardy is back in the news, Jack Crawford is back in the fold and the mock drafts are flowing once again.
April 9, 2016

Stop The Violence New Orleans

New Orleans is truly one of the world's great cities, but there is a gnawing, persistent problem that continues to threaten it's perch among the best....violent crime. Former Saints Pro Bowl defensive lineman Will Smith was the Crescent City's latest victim. Last night, Smith was fatally gunned down in yet another senseless killing. But this is one murder where there may be more than meets the eye. Here's the latest in this tragic and bizarre story.
April 8, 2016