Early Season Preview: The Tennessee Vols

It will mark the fifth game of the season for the Gamecocks, the second conference game on the road. After having already traveled to last year's SEC East Champion's home, now the Gamecocks will head to the homefield of the team that many are predicting will win the East in 2003 ...
July 19, 2003

Who'll be most-missed Vol?

Tennessee football fans didn't realize how valuable unsung fullback Will Bartholomew was to the program until he departed, leaving Vol tailbacks without a dependable lead blocker in 2002.
July 8, 2003

Thursday Notebook

One of the Jets needs in the draft was a backup offensive tackle. While addressing other needs, they never got around to it. However, they did a good job of addressing this void with an undrafted free agent.<p>
May 1, 2003

Offensive Tackle Review

Finding a quality right tackle has been one of the off-season's biggest priorities. Former starter Chris Terry was dismissed from the team midseason due to off the field issues. He has since resurfaced in Seattle and was signed to a new contract by the team. His replacement, Melvin Tuten, played acceptably at times but the team would be more comfortable with him as a reserve player.
April 15, 2003

Positional Analysis: OTs

While there might be only three offensive tackles taken in the first round, a number of those remaining for rounds two through seven could be moved inside to guard. That could mean the Vikings would be looking in this crop of 16 for a developing interior lineman.
April 14, 2003

2003 Draft Value Board

Getting closer to the draft, here is our value board for all seven rounds. Extra players have been added in the middle and late rounds in anticipation of compensatory selections, as well as two/three fence prospects in the early frames. We have a total of 263 players on our board, 261 were selected in the 2002 draft.
April 10, 2003

SEC Prospects Populate NFL Draft Projections

Answer me this football fans: Who would you take first among all the draft eligible players from the SEC if you were the general manager of an NFL expansion franchise?
April 2, 2003