KERRI BROOKS: A time to give thanks

As Thanksgiving rolls around, we all have visions of eating turkey with stuffing (or dressing, depending on where you are from) around a table of family and friends. We can gather around the television to watch some exciting football games as our favorite teams near the home stretch of the season. But we can't lose sight of what is really important during this time of year, a time to remember all that you have to be thankful for. The Brooks family has many things to be thankful for this year.
November 19, 2005

KERRI BROOKS: Pre-game chat with Joker

There are many specials things about Kentucky football, and more importantly many special people involved with the program. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting many of the great coaches on this staff, you would not be able to get to the core of what is going on with Kentucky Football. "These guys are great" may be the slogan for the PGA Tour, but it also holds true for the coaching staff that has been assembled to turn this program around.
November 11, 2005

KERRI BROOKS: The blame game

If you feel the need to blame one entity for Kentucky's losing season, you may as well blame the coaches. By all means, let the coaching staff take all the blame and heat for everything going wrong, all the injuries, the lack of experience ; everything that is in, and out of their control. It makes perfect sense.
October 29, 2005

VAUGHT: Most important game of the year Saturday

There's no conference championship or bowl bid riding on the outcome, but Kentucky's most important game of the season — and possibly of the Rich Brooks' era — is Saturday at Indiana.
September 12, 2005

VAUGHT: Brooks discusses UK injuries

Just when it looked like the injury report could not get any worse for the University of Kentucky football team, it did. Kentucky coach Rich Brooks announced today that defensive end Travis Day had a broken hand.
September 11, 2005

Abdullah, Cook named permanent team captains

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Senior strong safety Muhammad Abdullah and senior wide receiver Tommy Cook have been elected permanent team captains for the 2005 season, Coach Rich Brooks has announced.
August 25, 2005

Wide Receivers taking group approach

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- "All for one and one for all" seems to be the motto for the University of Kentucky wide receivers heading into the 2005 season.
August 15, 2005

TIREY: A new defense for Archer, part two

Part 2: Archer thinks that this year will be different in other ways, with some of the dead weight gone from the squad. The secret began to slowly leak out over the last two years, that there were some who did not believe in what the coaches were trying to do.
April 4, 2005