Cleveland Browns Quick Hits

When it's third and long for the Cleveland Browns who's the most likely target? Which linemen are getting the job done in pass protection?'s Ed Thompson has the answers to these questions and more for Browns fans.
December 26, 2009

Mike Furrey: Browns' Stealth Safety

While Mike Furrey isn't a two-way player for the Cleveland Browns quite yet, the thought may have crossed Eric Mangini's mind. Steve King talked to Furrey about his DB experience yesterday in Berea...
August 26, 2009

7 Points: Wayne's World

Why won't the Colts miss Marvin Harrison? Which teams should be making a run at signing Edgerrin James? Has Bills RB Marshawn Lynch made yet another mistake? Is there a new nightmare looming for Packers fans?'s Ed Thompson answers those questions and more in his latest 7 Points feature.
May 17, 2009