Apologetic, but excited for the future

His post-game comments have become a hot-button issue around Husker Nation. Senior linebacker Steve Octavien understands that, and certainly more than he did at the time he made them. In today's press conference, Octavien offered a formal apology, because he understands the culture, and just how much everyone wants to win.
September 25, 2007

Post Game Audio - Steve Octavien

There was no question that senior linebacker Steve Octavien could be an impact player if he could just stay healthy. His second game in a row doing that, Octavien had his best game, ranking third on the team in tackles with six, including two for a loss, one a horse collar takedown which was one of the biggest tackles of the game.
September 8, 2007

Wake Forest P.C. Video - Steve Octavien

Hey, it's one game into the season and Steve Octavien is still healthy. That might not seem like much, but to him, it's probably in the back of his mind, a relief. But that's done, he's good to go and now he's thinking about the future. Based on what his team did in game one, he'd tell you it looks pretty good.
September 4, 2007

One-on-One with the Huskers

His career has seemingly been one of trying to stay healthy rather than trying to make a play. We all know senior linebacker is very good at the latter. But it's the former which has given him some issues. He's not worrying about that, though, as he looks to his final year. He's just worried about getting it done. Enjoy this one-on-one with the Huskers.
August 23, 2007

Octavien healthy, ready for Cotton Bowl

Dallas, TX - It's one thing to be out for the season, but it's another to be hampered to the point where you are in some games, out other games, seemingly plagued by injuries. That's been a theme of sorts for senior linebacker Steve Octavien. Finally healthy he just wants to play.
December 27, 2006

Post Practice Audio with Steve Octavien

This guy can't catch a break. Well, he can, but it's not the kind he likes. Staying healthy hasn't been an issue for junior linebacker Steve Octavien. It isn't, because he can't. Having played in two full games a linebacker for the big red, Octavien is finally ready to roll. He's almost healthy, knocking on wood he stays that way, and he's ready to play.
November 15, 2006

Octavien ready to get back to it

You break your leg in game one of last season, that gives you a lot of time to look forward to getting back for the next. That's what junior linebacker Steve Octavien has been doing. Now that he's back, though, he's not taking it easy, hoping not to get hurt. He's going full bore as he plans to be amongst the best linebacking corps in the country.
August 3, 2006

Post Spring Game Video:LB Steve Octavien

There's nothing like one quarter of play to turn you from a name into a legend. That's probably overstating it some, but the anticipation behind linebacker Steve Octavien's return has been considerable. Octavien did little to disappoint in this year's annual Red/White game as he was the only player on the red team to notch an interception. Octavien talked about all that and more in this post spring game video.
April 15, 2006