Chargers bring in Shaun McDonald

The San Diego Chargers brought in a wide receiver Shaun McDonald for a visit on Thursday.
March 8, 2007

McDonald to Return Punts

The competition for the Rams punt return job seems to be going to Shaun McDonald
August 28, 2006

NFC Notes

<b><u>Philadelphia Eagles</u></b><br><br> Lewis Important to Team<br><br> When the club signed backup receiver Greg Lewis to a five-year contract extension Thursday, some around the league may raised an eyebrow. However, Lewis is an important part of their offense.
October 28, 2004

Bulger, Rams, Pull Off Miracle In Seattle

The St. Louis Rams looked like anything but the defending NFC West champions for the first 51 minutes of their key matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, for the first 85% of the game, the visiting Rams' performance in their biggest game of 2004 smelled as bad as the odorous gasses emanating from the awakening Mount St. Helens three hours to the south of Seattle. Then, just when everyone had the final outcome marked down as a loss for the Rams,
October 12, 2004

Game Review

As most of St. Louis went on about their Sunday, leaving their televisions, Marc Bulger and the St. Louis Rams put together the second-best comeback in NFL history, scoring 17 unanswered points with under six minutes left in the fourth quarter. I admit I may have said the underdog Rams would definitely cover the seven-point spread and possibly win, but never in such a manner.
October 11, 2004