Portsmouth Invitational Field looks strong

The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (P.I.T.) is the first postseason camp for the top seniors to shine in front of NBA, NBDL, CBA and foriegn scouts and officials. The 64 seniors will use the opportunity to impress the NBA and European scouts. The P.I.T. was known for showcasing the small college players like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Dan Majerle, Tim Hardaway and John Stockton. The following is a look at the eight teams that will begin play on Wednesday.
April 3, 2004

Hoops: Horns' Title Run Comes Up Short

NEW ORLEANS -- The best player on the court Saturday night in the Superdome wore orange. But his name is not <B>T.J. Ford</b>. It's <B>Carmelo Anthony</b>. And because of that, the Orangemen of Syracuse rather than the Burnt Orange of Texas will play Kansas in Monday's national championship game.
April 5, 2003

Hoops Photo Gallery - Final Four Shoot Arounds

NEW ORLEANS -- Exclusive photos from Friday's Final Four shoot arounds in New Orleans.
April 4, 2003

T.J., Horns Loose; Anthony, 'Cuse Confident

NEW ORLEANS -- <B>T.J. Ford</b> tossed the ball high in the air, waited for the bounce and then leapt skyward for the dunk. Meanwhile, <B>Jason Klotz</b> hung around near the three-point line, launching long range bombs, connecting on more threes than T.J. did dunks. <B>James Thomas</b> shot free throws.
April 4, 2003

Why the Orangemen will and won't beat Texas

The first in a series, SyracuseInsiders.Com takes a look at the Syracuse Orangemen. Why will they win? How will they lose? Who needs to step up?
April 1, 2003

Hoops: In The 'Zone'

The patented Syracuse zone defense has many names and even more victims. Some call it a basic 2-3; others say the Orangemen operate primarily out of a box and one. Most call it virtually impenetrable (just ask Oklahoma and Oklahoma State). Head coach <B>Rick Barnes </b>simply labeled it "big" and "long" Monday but, rest assured, it's not something his team hasn't dealt with before.
April 1, 2003