Countdown to Camp: #96 Cedric Hilliard

The next player in our <i>Countdown to Camp</i> series is the first look at an undrafted rookie trying to make the 2004 roster. Does former Notre Dame defensive tackle Cedric Hilliard fit into the Cowboys' longterm plans?
May 24, 2004

Hilliard Set for Big Season

<P>In the next issue of Irish Eyes magazine, I predicted Cedric Hilliard would be the team defensive M.V.P. in 2003. I picked Hilliard when others like Courtney Watson, Vontez Duff or Justin Tuck will likely get most of the headlines this fall. I picked Hilliard for one reason and one reason only. Any man that can fight two men at the same time has to be your M.V.P. It's a dirty job and Hilliard is just the man to do it. </P>
August 14, 2003

Notes from the big screen

<P>Let's see one pizza, one poorly written song on my guitar, and two room-clearing bombs by my best friend. One crock-pot full of meatballs and little smokies, three Taco Bell steak tacos, 5 diet cokes, 8 Nebraska fans leaving shaking their heads in wonderment and too many beers to count. </P>
October 20, 2002