Browns, Rookie Free Agents Agree

The Browns appear to have reached contract agreements with over a dozen rookie free agents, led by Kent State quarterback Josh Cribbs (pictured), who we have been reporting on extensively during the last several days. Here is the latest list, culled from a wide variety of sources, and with a lot of help from dawgs in <a href="" target="_blank">The Watercooler</a>.
April 26, 2005

Wexells' Value Board: 2005 NFL Draft RB's

Jerome Bettis made the sports-talk TV rounds last week and at every stop expressed optimism about returning to the Steelers for one last season.
April 6, 2005

Scouting Report: Paul Jefferson

Scouting Report: Paul Jefferson
November 9, 2004

Expanded Fullback Rankings

Expanded rankings on the top 21 NFL-prospects at the fullback position with comments included. Full scouting reports will be posted this week.
November 7, 2004