Success Story

West Virginia's recent success on the basketball court has landed a number of alumni in professional leagues around the world. We got the chance recently to catch up with Jamie Smalligan, who like several former Mountaineers is playing in Europe.
January 20, 2009

Long Wait

Jamie Smalligan has waited a long time for a trip to the NCAA Tournament, and now that he's here he doesn't intend to waste the opportunity.
March 20, 2008

No Regrets

It's no secret that Jamie Smalligan had the toughest transition under new Mountaineer head coach Bob Huggins. What isn't widely appreciated, however, is how hard he worked to earn the playing time he received this year, and how he still applauds those who sometimes were critical of his play.
March 4, 2008

Responding To The Call

He admits that he's the target of pointed barbs from head coach Bob Huggins concerning certain aspects of his play. However, senior leader Jamie Smalligan doesn't take them personally, and uses the coaching points he receives to improve his play, as he demonstrated in WVU's 81-53 win over Arkansas-Monticello.
November 17, 2007

Making It Work

West Virginia senior center Jamie Smalligan may not be the quintessential Bob Huggins big man in the mold of Kenyon Martin, Danny Fortson, or Corie Blount.
November 4, 2007

Powers of Transference

West Virginia's duo at the center position travelled the transfer route to help WVU win its first NIT championship in 65 years.
March 31, 2007

Plan of Attack

West Virginia's season-long work on breaking run-and-jump double teams paid off against Delaware State, and one of the prime beneficiaries was center Jamie Smalligan.
March 14, 2007

POG: West Virginia - Pitt

Jamie Smalligan's shooting helped keep West Virginia in its final road game of the regular season at Pitt
February 27, 2007