Colts Make Three Roster Moves

A quarterback, a wide receiver and a defensive lineman were amongst the Indianapolis Colts' roster moves on Monday. Get the details in this news feature from
August 7, 2007

Colts Scout: John Navarre

Big, strong-armed John Navarre could make restricted free agent Jim Sorgi expendable. Find out why inside...
March 12, 2007

Make Up Your Mind, Denny

Back and forth. Flip Flopping. Indecisive. All this describes Dennis Green to a 'T' now. Now it appears the Cardinals are not going to Matt Leinart, and are sticking with Kurt Warner. So much ado about nothing right? No, sir. Now Dennis Green has lost his credibility, and that's a much bigger deal than people recognize.
September 28, 2006

The Recap: Week 9 Cowboys @ Cards

The joy that the Redbirds must have felt when hearing that QB Kurt Warner had a mere mild knee sprain and would miss only one game was short-lived. By the time the Cardinals' medical staff could definitively diagnose his condition, the practice portion of the bye week had already ended. By then, the sobering reality that the powerful Dallas squad was set to invade this weekend set in.
August 28, 2006

The Recap: Week 8 Cards @ Packers

It was a matter of time, and the clock had finally run out for the perennially injured Kurt Warner. A shot on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field knocked Warner out of the contest, and left the Cardinals season, which suddenly looked promising, in doubt.
August 26, 2006

The Recap: Week 7 Cardinals @ Raiders

After two consecutive losses, the Cardinals were in desperate need for a victory. Luckily, the scheduling gods were smiling on Arizona as they faced a seemingly hapless Oakland Raiders squad. The offense production has been nothing short of atrocious for the Redbirds and the Oakland defense made for the perfect elixir.
August 24, 2006

What We Learned: The Patriots Can Score

Any time the New England Patriots defeat an opponent by more than two touchdowns is a clear indication that things are going well. Insider Jonathan Comey breaks down the keys in the game against Arizona and the impact some of the Patriots rookies had on the outcome. Get inside for the top 5 things we learned from the victory.
August 22, 2006

It's the NFL's Fault

I had really hoped to never write this article. I had anticipated the future of the franchise, the strong-armed lefty that would guide the offense for years to come, would be signed and in camp on time. The Cardinals had plenty of cap room, were tired of looking like a cheapskate team, and Leinart seemed genuinely interested in striking a deal.
August 1, 2006