Patriots: Comings and Goings

The New England Patriots made a number of roster moves today, releasing a linebacker, placing a DB on injured reserve and signing two old friends back to the team. As reported last week, the Patriots added playmaker Andre Davis to the roster while saying goodbye to special teams contributor Wesly Mallard, again. Get inside for all the changes, plus a look at what the teams record means around the division.
October 19, 2005

Patriots Report: Comings and Goings

In a flurry of activity normally reserved for Monday and Tuesday, the Patriots have shuffled the roster around to cope with the devastating injuries to Rodney Harrison, Matt Light and Kevin Faulk. All three suffered serious injuries on Sunday against the Steelers will not be returning to the lineup for some time. PI breaks down the new faces around town.
September 29, 2005

Roster Battles The Only Reason To Watch

The New England Patriots made their roster cuts to comply with an NFL mandate to trim rosters to 65 players not including NFL Europe exemptions or those on reserve lists during the week. The team parted ways with three on Monday and seven more on Tuesday. They will have to drop 17 more names according to last count. No player wants to be on that list, so expect a display of desperation by some who are going all out tonight to avoid "the Turk" on Sunday.
September 1, 2005