Gameday News & Notes

Here is quick run up and down the offense, defense and special teams issues at the forefront of our Cardinal conscience before today's game for Stanford (2-2) at Arizona (1-4). Who will play where on the offensive line? Should Trent Edwards dive or slide at the end of runs? Does the D-Line have any legs left? How solid are the kicking and punting games right now? Read on for this and much more...
October 15, 2005

Oregon: View from the Press Box

It was a simple game of pitch-and-catch for Oregon Saturday afternoon at Stanford Stadium, as they torched the Cardinal defense early and often. The Stanford offense did several nice things in the first half and scored three times, but field goals could not keep pace with the dizzying Ducks. Offense, defense and special teams all unraveled for the Card in the second half...
October 2, 2005

O-Line Talk with Tom Freeman

There are questions a-plenty to be answered with this Stanford Football team, but the most pressing are staring at us from the offensive line. Nobody knows that better than interior line coach and run game coordinator Tom Freeman. He sits down with The Bootleg to talk shop about what his charges have shown in their two first games, what buttons he wants to push, and what could happen Saturday against Oregon.
September 30, 2005

Enough to Go Around

A favorite American pasttime is pointing fingers, and plenty of that has been seen in the wake of the UC Davis defeat. At face, we can lay the loss and performance on Walt Harris. But an angry Trent Edwards tells us that his teammates were not out on that field to play and win a college football game. Some blame the administration or Admissions, but this loss came from within the team.
September 27, 2005

On the Eve of the Opener

We have armed you with as much information as possible through our extensive reporting of the three weeks of preseason training camp. But this week of practices, leading up to tomorrow's season opener at Navy, brought us newer revelations, still. Read on for the most detailed outlook anywhere on playing time for the true freshmen, news on the travel squad, a wealth of injury good news, plus the defensive challenge preparing for Navy.
September 9, 2005

Bootleg Video: Brian Head

Fans have been nervous lately regarding the health of Stanford's offensive line - particularly center Brian Head. The fifth-year senior missed some practices but has returned, and Walt Harris put him front and center Monday with the local media. In his Q&A, Head talks openly about his confidence in the new direction of this program, though challenges lie dead ahead this Saturday at Navy...
September 6, 2005

All Right Now?

This Stanford offense came out of the spring with more questions than answers. One of the biggest fell on the right side of the offensive line. At both guard and tackle there were concerns, which if not alleviated, could undo any other strengths of the passing and running game. Though the offensive line is typically a veteran-dominated position, it is a redshirt freshman who has helped improve the outlook for the Cardinal.
August 23, 2005