Scouting the WAC: Fresno State

The team with the "V" on their helmet compete every years even with their murderous schedule, thanks to coach Pat Hill. His recruiting efforts bare fruit not only on the college level but in the NFL and this year will be no different.
September 8, 2003

Fresno has a Carl Pickens clone

After watching film of Bernard Berrian, Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer admits that Fresno State's standout wide receiver reminds him of a former Vol pass-catching whiz.
August 26, 2003

Berrian is Fresno's top dog

Ohio State. UCLA. Oklahoma. Tennessee. <P> These are not teams a rising, unproven football program generally schedules to transform itself from obscure nobody to consistent Top 20 contender. More times than not, the team trying to gain notice from the well established heavyweights falls flat on its face, taking solace only from the handsome financial reward received for being an easy opponent for the home team.
August 26, 2003

Fresno State preview

A warning to Tennessee football fans: This is not the Fresno State of old.
August 25, 2003