Combine 40-times/Shuttle Times: Quarterbacks

UPDATED: 2/27/06, 7:52 PM::Along with the receivers, the signal callers worked out today for NFL scouts. Here's a look at their 40-times and practice notes.
February 27, 2006

NFL Draft Scouting Report:Paul Pinegar

Paul Pinegar/QB/Fresno State
October 8, 2005

'06 NFL Draft Watch: Fresno State

A team which usually starts off on fire then loses games in spurts, Fresno State will once again be in the hunt for the WAC title this year. A program which consistently places solid talent into the NFL, the program has as many as a dozen draftable prospects on the roster.
September 23, 2005

Jones, Archer only bright spots for KSU Saturday

On a day that few positives can be found, newcomer defensive back Bret Jones and young linebacker Brandon Archer manage to shine in the loss to Fresno State Saturday. Jones had two interceptions and a touchdown, while Archer started for the first time and had 11 stops.
September 13, 2004

2003 Silicon Valley Football Classic - Matchups

FSUtimeout surveys the Bulldogs and the Bruins as they prepare to face each other in the Silicon Valley Football Classic on December 30, 2003. He previews the kep matchups and provides scoring precictions from various football fans from around the West Coast.
December 26, 2003

Scouting the WAC: Fresno State

The team with the "V" on their helmet compete every years even with their murderous schedule, thanks to coach Pat Hill. His recruiting efforts bare fruit not only on the college level but in the NFL and this year will be no different.
September 8, 2003