Week In Review

<b>August 22</b> <ul> <li>An official announcement on the eligibility of UCF tight end Michael Gaines is due today. Gaines, highly ranked by NFL scouts and one of the best tight ends in the nation, must clear up a question arising from two classes he took this summer.
August 24, 2003

Where are they now?

With Clarence Farmer seemingly back in the mix at Arizona and Tony Hollings on his way to July's supplemental draft, it's time to look at where a few other high-profile prospects may be playing next year. Names like tight end Ben Hall, offensive linemen Derrick Thompson or Fitu Tu'ua and linebacker Mike Whaley.
June 27, 2003

Six Key Dogs Declared Ineligibile

Six key players from the Fresno State Bulldogs have been declared ineligible to play in the Silicon Valley Bowl on December 31. As the team winds up preparations for their New Years Eve meeting with Georgia Tech, they are facing the realization that they will be doing so without many of the players that were key in getting them to the game.
December 27, 2002

Scouting Report: Fitu Tu'ua

They say "it all starts up front" and they are right. For players like David Carr to throw the ball, Bernard Berrian to catch it and Paris Gaines to run it, talented lineman are needed to block, open holes and control defenders. Fitu Tu'ua does all that and will do so on Sunday's.
November 12, 2002