Redskins Sign Corner, Receiver

The Redskins added two players whose chances of making the team will hinge on, you guessed, their special teams play
June 29, 2005

Cruel Twist

Bears wide receiver Jamin Elliott is still waiting for a ring from the New England Patriots - a Super Bowl ring that is.
June 22, 2004

Timing is everything

A year ago the Bears cut Jamin Elliott before the start of the season. The receiver caught on with the New England Patriots and ended up with a Super Bowl ring. For Elliott, being back with the Bears is a homecoming of sorts, although much has changed both on and off the field since his last stint in a Bear uniform.
May 18, 2004

Back in town

WR Jamin Elliott recently inked a two-year deal to return to Chicago. The former sixth-round pick discusses returning to the team that cut him and why it might have been the best thing that could have happened.
February 27, 2004

Roster moves

Here's a look at the roster moves made by the Packers' NFC North Division neighbors to reach the NFL-mandated 65-player roster limit.<p>
August 27, 2003

Hot Topic

Wednesday players took part in a light scrimmage in which players reviewed schemes and attempted to shake some of the offseason rust. With a slow news day attention turned to how Brian Urlacher's new deal will impact the team's future.
June 10, 2003