Game Story: Redskins 7, Patriots 52

Some tidbitds regarding the game yesterday against the Patriots.
October 29, 2007

Gibbs "Hopes" to Have Portis Back for Opener

Clinton Portis' injured shoulder will require rest and rehab, but no surgery.
August 14, 2006

Chris Davis: Hurt But Not Forgotten

There are times when the release of a player is far more than a blip on a wire. So it was for Seahawks.NET's Mark Olsen when his friend, former Seahawks running back Chris Davis, was cut today due to several knee injuries. It was in the spirit of friendship and caring that Mark wrote the following article on September 4, 2004 - after Davis' final injury. We would like to run the article again and wish Chris Davis the very best on his journey forward.
April 26, 2005

Chris Davis: Hurt But Not Forgotten

The knee injury that Seahawk fullback Chris Davis suffered in the preseason game against the Vikings affected one fan perhaps more than any other. .NET's Mark Olsen talks about why Davis' injury was a body blow to him as well...
September 3, 2004