It Begins Anew

Today marks the first day of practices for the 2004 Stanford Football season, as the Cardinal embark on a schedule of 28 practices in the next four weeks before the September 4 season opener against San Jose State. We will closely follow all the news and notes during preseason camp, with daily practice reports. Here is a primer on some of the pre-camp happenings and what to watch these next few weeks.
August 11, 2004

Spring Practice - Day One

While a late winter breeze sent a chill through the fans and players in attendance for Wednesday's practice, there was a warmth and relief that pervaded with the debut of 2004 Stanford Spring Football. After fourth months of inactivity on the practice field, we were blessed with a spirited and informative stretch of more than two hours. A few surprises jumped out - in both personnel and scheme...
April 1, 2004

Jerod Arlich Q&A

During the heat of the recruiting battles, we think we learn many things about the 17-year olds through their interviews and the choices they make. But too often the focus is on playing time, coaches and depth charts. Jerod Arlich, the Stanford fullback commit from Minnesota, is an incredibly charismatic young man, but only Sunday did we start learn more about him. Read on for a transcript of our interview, with questions taken from subscribers.
January 27, 2004

Arlich Orchestrates Upset

Tuesday will go down as a big upset day in favor of Stanford's 2004 recruiting class as Minnesota fullback Jerod Arlich committed to Stanford. The result puzzled national observers, as well as fans and coaches of two schools. For the insight into his decision and what swayed him this past weekend at The Farm, read on...
January 14, 2004

Rest, Recovery Needed in Bye Week

A bye week can mean many things to many teams, though most seek out a week of rest when they are deep into the season. While many other teams across college football are playing today, your Stanford Cardinal in resting and recovering. For more information on the walking wounded most appreciating this respite, as well as other news from the team, read on...
September 13, 2003

Practice News & Notes - 9/2

Though game weeks are usually off to a slow start with light workouts to begin, there has been plenty of news the last two days with Stanford Football. An injury has adjusted the depth chart at one offensive position, while questions keep coming from fans about several highly regarded players on the defensive side. Buddy Teevens also fielded questions at Tuesday's press conference on these and other issues...
September 2, 2003

Preseason Camp Day #12 - Scrimmage

Saturday's practice session was the first full-length scrimmage of the fall and also the first to be held in Stanford Stadium. It was a bright and sunny day, with an injury docket as clear as the sky. The other good news was that the Cardinal offense is finding the big play once again in the passing game. Though the defense mostly kept the ball from moving consistently...
August 24, 2003