Pro Day on The Farm

While this week is all about "March Madness" and postseason basketball for most of the collegiate and Cardinal sporting communities, it is also a hot time for the approaching NFL Draft. Scouts from all over the NFL descended upon The Farm yesterday to watch a number of seniors test and work out during Stanford's Pro Day. Though rain dampened the affair, some of the times turned a lot of heads.
March 16, 2006

Notre Dame: View from the Press Box

Say this about the 2005 Stanford season: we lived in interesting times. Yet another heartbreaker saw the Cardinal come up short when they dropped 38-31 against Notre Dame on Saturday. Tracking this wild one from upstairs was as much a rollercoaster as it was for fans watching on television across the country. Notre Dame owned the stat sheet, but Stanford fought the Fighting Irish to the wire.
November 28, 2005

Big Game: View from the Press Box

The two teams slugged it out through the first two and a half quarters in a defensive battle, but Cal made more big plays to pull away with three touchdowns in the final 25 minutes. The Stanford defense made a number of inspiring plays, but the offense struggled throughout. Trent Edwards was knocked out of action for the third time this year behind a turnstile offensive line.
November 20, 2005

Card Keep Beating

The turnover margin went south. Stanford lost its two hottest offensive players, plus a critical blocker and runner in the backfield. The running game was spinning its wheels, while the passing game faded. The Cardiac Cardinal willed its way to a big win in Corvallis, however, on its heart. Reminscient of its old winning ways, Stanford made the big plays at big times to pick up big win number five.
November 14, 2005

Kibbles & Bits

We are out of breath in this edition of K&B, trying to keep you up to date on all the latest in and around Stanford Football. Inside you will find an explanation of the new practice fields, impressive T.C. Ostrander, the Blocker of the Week, Cardinal difficulty in Corvallis, admissions myths debunked, scout team uncovered, and much more.
November 11, 2005

Clardy's Corner - 11/9

There comes a time each year when Troy is so overtaken by the goings-on in the conference that he just has to unload. This is that week, with an overpowering parcel of Pac-10 pontifications. From Walt Harris to Mike Stoops. From Justin McCullum to Reggie Bush. From kickers to quarterbacks. From Stanford Stadium to Reser Stadium. It's all inside... Also, this week's E-Mailbag and Pac-10 Picks.
November 9, 2005

The Meaning of the Meltdown

USC deserves every utterance of praise delivered by Staford players, coaches and fans since Saturday's 51-21 drubbing of the Cardinal. But there was more at play in Los Angeles than a talent gap. Stanford imploded its chances at competitiveness with mistakes, flying in the face of improvements made in earlier weeks. The Card turned the corner once this fall, but are they now headed back?
November 8, 2005

Bootleg Video: Trevor Hooper, Justin McCullum

We were ready to request free safety Trevor Hooper for an interview this week, but the redshirt junior recorded a team-high 10 tackles on Saturday at USC and was selected for Monday's weekly Stanford Football press conference. Our good fortune is yours, as Hooper and fifth-year senior Justin McCullum handled questions on the USC loss and the upcoming Oregon State game.
November 8, 2005